Three Minute Wonder

Tomorrow sees the second fabulous Hawkesbury upon Upton literary festival in Gloucester, organised by writer Debbie Young, where I shall be reading one of my short stories in three minutes. Three minutes?! And there was me planning to read my really good story about the chef and his new barbecue in nearly ten. Not so. Raconteur and compere John Holland cracked his whip and insisted, no, three minutes only. So, back to the good ol’ drawing board I went and threw together a little bit of prose inspired by the shaggy bleaters in the field next to my house. Sheep, in case you were wondering. And perhaps that should be wooly. Anyway…

…This new three minute wonder will now be appearing in my first collection of short stories which will be released into the wild this summer. Designer Rachel Lawston has created this wonderful first proof – yes, it is as barking as it looks, but then so are the stories within – and we are tinkering around with it to make sure it has maximum effect when it joins the many out there in epub land. Hawkesbury is great event where readers, writers, agented and the self-published can come together and just enjoy the world of literature, and there’s probably one near you too.


Starting off in deepest darkest Cornwall, at the St Ives Lit Fest, then up to the Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival, and then Fowey, then up to a bloody crime fest in Bristol, down a bit to the Swindon festival, further south and along the coast to Charleston, on the South Downs, and carry on to Kent and the festival. And something London based but wowza, what a venue, The Greenwich Bookfest.


5 thoughts on “Three Minute Wonder

  1. Just caught up with your shout-out for the Hawkesbury Upton Lit Fest – thank you! I was so glad you were able to come and take part.

    And what a fab cover, Jacci – can’t wait to read the book (let me know when it’s out and I’ll read and review).Rachel Lawston is brilliant!


  2. Many thanks for the follow! Didn’t get to meet at Hawkesbury but it was fun, wasn’t it, and so much more real than the big celeb-type festivals!


  3. Looks like an exciting festival Jacci and brilliant news about the new book, how can I get hold of a copy? Love the cover, must be one if your girls. Love Cherie


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