I Can Do This! I said to myself – clearly delusional. That was last year. I joined The Alliance of Independent Authors because, I said, I Can Do This. I couldn’t of course.  I frittered afternoons and evenings away on KDP (other indie platforms are, apparently, available) but ended up a frazzled mess of not having a clue. But as I say, that was last year. This year, last month in fact, I attended a ‘boot camp’ at the Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival orchestrated and run by the brilliant Ben Galley where he took the lucky attendees through his Shelf Help method of How To Self Publish Without Giving Up After The First Fifteen Minutes And Throwing Yourself Under A Bus. Although in truth that is my interpretation of the course, not Mr. Galley’s.  His was far more organised and to the point. Thank goodness.

Ben is a wonderfully generous exponent of self-publishing, and has devised a Master Class (so much better than ‘boot camp’ – less chiropodic. And yes, I have just made that word up) based on his own experiences of self-publishing, and has devised a tutorial that makes the process so very understandable and accessible. We even survived more than ten power point slides without slipping into a rich and dreamless sleep, which is an achievement in itself. So, for anyone reading this who hasn’t taken the self-publishing plunge yet or has taken the plunge only to find themselves flapping about without a life ring, I would heartily suggest whizzing yourself over to bengalley.com.

And in Ben’s spirit of sharing, here are a few tips for soon-to-be-indie publishers from me:

  1. Get advice. As much as you can. It might be called Independent Publishing but you can’t do it all on your own. Not entirely. Not well, any way.
  2. If you’re not a designer, don’t design your own book cover. Just don’t.
  3. Be nice to people. On-line, in reality, everywhere: you never know who will form the golden link in the chain of your publishing success.
  4. For the love of Dog, don’t do your own spill chocking!! See 2 above.
  5. Lock yourself away to write if you have to, but Get Out There to meet, greet and compete with other writers – it’ll inspire and motivate you.Short Stories by Jacci Gooding2

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