Evesham Festival of Words Open Mic

What another fabulous day!  A great authors Open Mic session organised by Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn at the Evesham Festival of Words.  It must have been poets day, as so many attended.  With the recent news coverage of the centenary of the battle of the Somme, I read a poem dedicated to one of my grandmother’s brothers entitled and statesmen still murmer.  Here it is.

and statesmen still murmur

we would never meet,
you and I
only grainy images
to explain to me
how you would die
just sixteen
your lion’s courage
could not compare
to your mother’s love
and she, discouraged
you to go
too young, she said,
too bored you had replied
until knee-deep in sucking mud
machine-gunned down
until you died
my Great uncle Denzil
a generation
lost to us
by the conceit and vanity
of others
an empty chair at the supper table
grows cold and dusty
your sister and brothers unable
to close the gap between them
so we lay wreaths,
at the Cenotaph
and statesmen still murmur
of the rutted path
to peace

©Jacci Gooding 2016


2 thoughts on “Evesham Festival of Words Open Mic

  1. Really moving, so many youngsters died like that – 16 is far too young! (Of course now they want to vote, so maybe …) My grandmother’s half-sister lost her eldest boy, and it looks like the family never really recovered: his younger brothers I suspect were stunned …


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