Losing The Plot (and finding another one)

Amongst the pile of paper on my desk (paperless office? yeah right) I found a Note to Self:
Dr. Lice.
Hmmm…couldn’t quite remember what that was all about. Was I starting a children’s short story perhaps, the protagonist having been born in a flurry of creative enthusiasm and I’d jotted the name down only to completely forget all about it? Or maybe Dr. Lice was going to be in my next collection of unsettling short stories . Not a clue. Next to my note regarding Dr. Lice was a list: cat food, salad, coffee. Now this I did remember writing, instructive for my quick flit around *insert supermarket of your choice (but you really should click on this link!)The day wore on and Dr. Lice was really bugging me. Read any author interview and inevitably a couple of the questions are ‘when do you write?’ and ‘do you take notes?’ Well yes, as writers, we all take notes in some form or another, but what use is that if we can’t remember what a scribbled note means?! I set Dr. Lice to one side for the day while I considered other writing options. Short story competition entry? Maybe. Update blog? Possibly. Emails? Probably. Start planning new book? Well I would… if I could be sure Dr. Lice wasn’t going to make an unscheduled appearance.

But then I started to flesh out the bones of Dr. Lice. Born immediately as male, I tried not to go down the Doc Martin route but with a name like Lice that was the way I was being led. More notes followed. He had a home. He had a partner. He even had a dog. GP or some specialty? Deffo some specialty. Had to be careful though, with that specialty – obvious associations with head lice and any other bodily lice were too obvious and could get me in to all sorts of trouble. By the time the sun was over the yardarm, Dr. Lice was a bone specialist, working on strange and unusual bone formations, in a London hospital. He was then called away to some far flung corner of the planet and so the adventure begins.

It was only as I was tidying up for the day when I realised what my note to self actually meant.

Driving Licence. Time to renew!! Duh!

Got the beginnings of a great story though…


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