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And share is what we did, last night in the function room at The Globe pub in Warwick – certainly putting the Fun in to Function. We had all sorts of readings and performances on the subject of Change. Compere and indie author of The Woman Who Never Did, Jenefer Heap ran the evening with aplomb and it was so heartening to see and hear such a variety of writers, all with – literally – a story to tell. We had poetry, prose, non-fiction, performance and song. A-strolling minstrels we.

Poet Nigel Hutchinson read from his book, The Humble Family Interviews, recently published by Cinnamon Press and poet Pauline Brooks gave evocative readings, reminding us that once upon a time train travel was a pleasure. Writer Nick le Mesurier gave us the wonderful story of Isabella and the shriveled member (very Grimm) (and yes, that is member as in member) Poet Gwyneth Box read a mesmerizing poem, translated from Spanish. Writer John Bishop read his thoughtful and unusual piece Born On A Crescent . Most moving of all must have been writer Terri Daneshyar’s piece on Change – that of a lone immigrant child adapting to a new life in the UK.

With a bit of foresight and organisation, you too can run an author evening – a pub, a cafe, a street corner if that’s what takes your fancy – writer and organiser Alex of The Flashers Club in Cheltenham – @otheralexclark – has a few tips for you here

If you’re anywhere near The Gunmakers Arms on the 3rd of July they are hosting an evening of ‘live fiction with a scientific bent’, so lovers of sci-fi and other similar genres better get yourselves over there fast.

If you want to get involved in an author event or start a new one, in the Warwickshire/North Oxfordshire or anywhere near area, drop me line, message, email, DM or pigeon.Collection of Unsettling Display 1.JPG


One thought on “It’s Good To Share

  1. Thanks for the mention and link good fun again John Bish

    Born on a Crescent

    I was born on a Crescent
    Not a Road or a Lane
    Nor a Street or a Terrace
    Neither a Walk nor a Way
    I was born on a Crescent
    Not a Mall or a Square
    Not a Boulevard a Place a Plaza
    Not a Grove, Arcade, Court, Drive or Alley
    I was born on a Crescent that swept from field to field
    It was the place of my birth
    Where my dad passed away
    Where my mother loved me
    Where she battled her demons
    The Crescent was full of friends
    We shared common values
    We shared celebrations
    We shared sorrows
    On the edge of a city
    On the boarder of the green belt
    A river cast a mist in spring
    And in winter a fog held it tight
    Gardens, hills, lakes, old oak trees
    I was born on a Crescent
    Not a Grove or a Corner
    Not a Circle, Parade, Mews or Close
    I could not imagine me being born
    Anywhere else than on a Crescent
    It made me who I am
    It gave the moon an extra dimension
    Artemis-Diana waxing and waning
    I was born on a Crescent
    And It always felt it special


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