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Are you awash with so many blogs, comps and sites to see, but oh-so little time? Making the most of the benefits that Displacement Activity can bring, I’ve listed a few here – my first little round up of some great sites out there, in case you haven’t heard of them before.

What are you waiting for? Come on in. The water’s lovely!
‘Expanding the influence of literature in popular culture by fostering lively and innovative literary conversations’ is what is says on their website. And they do!
For self-publishers of children’s and YA books here’s an item on Book Marketing: How to Reach Young Readers through Book Festivals, courtesy of those clever clogs at Self Publishing Advice Centre, via the Alliance of Independent Authors
45 Things I Wish I Knew as an English Undergraduate. This is a great blog and should bring a smile to your face
Some free-to-enter comps here from the crazy Let’s Do This Thang team at Writers HQ, so you can Aim High and Achieve.
Like crime? The Scottish Book Trust have got some murderous villains all waiting to be set free
Rigg what? Exactly. You’d be daft not to submit.
The Gull accepts submissions of poetry, creative prose, artwork, photography and articles as well has having some truly excellent words of the day on Twitter. Or is that Word of the Day…
The Short Story website. Clue is in the title.
How flashy is your flash?
Spelk post three 500 word stories a week, from both new and established writers, from the UK and overseas. They like short sharp flash fiction.
Jill Moffat’s great site, full of info and stories, and she’s also a dedicated re-tweeter of Fabulous Opportunities For Writers. Thanks Jill!

and last but not least for this little lot,
They’re a lovely lot at Zeroflash: supportive, helpful and good at getting it out there.
‘ZF is a flash fiction competition and magazine. The winner receives an illustration of their winning piece, a hefty £10 via Paypal, an interview with Uprising Review and an audio performance and recording of their piece.’

How cool is that!


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