Downloader or Paper-Flicker?

None of it is true of course…well… maybe the piling them high on the bedside table bit. Were you a downloader or paper-flicker this Christmas? I bought paperbacks and was given paperbacks and happily flicked my way through them as parsnips
Christmas Books.pngroasted; sadly my digital-loving friends had to make do with socks and hand cream again as tempted though I was to buy them a paperback, I knew they wouldn’t be inclined to read it. And you can’t really give a digital book, can you? So fiddly to wrap. I was surprised though, when admonished (quite severely!) by an elderly aunt for buying her a book. Whatever do I want that for? she questioned, brandishing her Kindle menacingly at me. I could be dead tomorrow she said, and then what? You’ll have to take it to the charity shop. I hope not, I responded, it would ruin Boxing Day. Thankfully the two pre-breakfast sherries sweetened that little joke and by the afternoon she had relinquished her vice-like grip on said Kindle and was poking about in the paperback. Not one for sentimentality though, she wondered how she’d ever managed to read anything before, seeing as this new fangled modern-day print is so small. I didn’t fancy entering the fray again so let that one go. You don’t get to be 92 without having an opinion, that’s for sure.