Lovin’ this Live Lit M’Larky!

A few days ago – may be it was weeks – you know what us writery types are like – I was very lucky to be involved in the fabulous Words of Love author event run by brilliant author Jenefer Heap. Her Words of.. events (Shakespeare, Winter, Change and most recently Love) have proven a great success, rolling out the talents of many Warwickshire-based writers and poets of all styles and varieties. As is often the way with creative types we started off in one pub and ended up in another. Not that same evening, you understand. We have moved to new premises and now Upstairs at Merchants Wine Bar, Swan Street, Warwick is our new home for such events. The MWB website describes itself as an  Fiery Fairy Dust.jpg
English Restaurant, Gin House, Whisky Den, Cocktail Emporium & generally fantastic place to get a cup of proper English Tea.
Anywhere that has the words Gin, Den and Emporium in the same sentence has to be worth a look. And as you can see, it even has a magical mirror lit from behind with fiery fairy dust. No really. That truly is fiery fairy dust.
If you’ve never been to an author event – call it stand-up if you will, although we like to think of it simply as story telling – do look about for one in your area and go along. And if you can’t find one – make one! It’s a great place to test new work, create new work, or read old work.
As our evening was a love-based cornucopia of hearts and flowers, I thought I’d write a soppy poem. Here it is. It is called
So hot, the air
stopped me from breathing
my heart
had that just happened?
I couldn’t tell
A rage of heat now burned me raw
and I welcomed the experience
No, no, too much
It was too much
I turned and faced the breeze
that breath of wind that carries memories
and desires half way around the world
and then on further
because there is no end
The wind just keeps on blowing
it arrives again
from where it had departed
There is no escape
And this, too, is good
I do not want
to escape
We danced
and flirted; you smiled, laughed nervously
and I, a child again, observed
Is this it? Is this what it’s meant
to feel like?
To be burned and cooled and burned again
so much so that I
become it?
I hope it is
That first flash of fire
calms, moves over, lets a gentler state
Solid, strong, supportive
I am surprised
More so by myself – I did not intend
for this to happen
so fast
But it feels right
As if it should be
And now, that element of earth
feels firm
beneath my feet
Without it, there is nothing
We would fall away
and spin and spin and spin
for ever
We laugh and play
one day blown by the wind, our emotions
No boundaries for you and I
But then the burning heat returns
The door
made purposefully to slam
does so, loudly
First me, then you
then you again
then me
But never closing
There is always a crack
a slit where light can creep
and usually by dawn
the door is open wide
This whirlwind has lasted longer
than half my life
and more than half of yours as well
This hurricane of heat and flame
of solid earth and
breeze that turns so quickly
into a twisting violent tempest
is the esoteric force
enjoyed by some
the lucky ones
while others stand aside
No choice
That day the breeze
blew you
to my door
alone and done with the world
was a good day
It brought fire and air and hot and cold
back into an empty pointless life
And now
in times of transience
when we cannot change events
when everything has been against us
we have navigated those waters
held on tightly to the sides
of our little boat
as we hurtled head-first
to whatever awaited at the end
but always
dragged ourselves half drowned
onto the reassuring earth
fire wind water earth
we are these things.


One thought on “Lovin’ this Live Lit M’Larky!

  1. Lovely to have you there, Jacci, as always – and nothing to do with you being so kind about me in your post!

    I really enjoyed your poem and it was great too hear a different genre from you at the Word Open Mics. Your short stories, flash fiction and memoirs have made me both shiver and smile. Your poetry shows a gentler side -you are such a versatile writer.

    Looking forward to sharing a stage with you again soon.



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