You Can Find Me Here..

Thank you to all the writer/author sites out there who create platforms for our work and help promote and encourage us to write. Here are some of the sites where I am currently published.

Zeroflash have posted my short, Diablo’s Mirror, an entry for their 1980s-inspired August horror competition, as well as  promoting my first short story collection here

Flash fiction site have posted my two 101 word flashes,
Cherry Blossom and Another Man’s Suit

Here’s the opening snippet of my short story, Rain, about relationships and perspective, published in the on-line magazine Henpicked (was T4W – totally 4 women)

Shelley had always been inspired by the rain. It had a cleansing appeal that made her want to walk in it until she was soaked to the skin and tingly cold. It felt good. And when she read the text from Gordie, she knew that today was to be a walking-in-the-rain day.
Being dumped was pretty rubbish, and being dumped by text was not only rubbish.. read the rest..

There’s a little short in the first anthology from Naomi’s Cafe Writers Group, entitled The Odd Chair, and you can read a bit of it here; the rest is up for grabs on Amazon

“We didn’t have a pot to piss in!” the old man was saying to the gathering of friends and neighbours standing in his back garden, as the entire contents of his life lay strewn across the lawn. Boxes, furniture, crockery, clothes, papers, books, tools: all manner of odds and ends that go to make up a life. He was getting rid of it all.
“It’s true,” he continued, “we didn’t have two pennies to rub together, but we got by. Don’t ask me how, but we did. Makes me wonder where all this stuff has come from!”
“Can I have this?” asked a small boy from a few houses away, holding up some indefinable lump of oily metal.
“Of course you can. You can have whatever you like. Please, help yourselves.”
“What do you want that for?” his mother remonstrated.
“Same reason I did I expect,” said the man, “although I couldn’t tell you what that was now!”
I moved amongst all the stuff, laid out like a lure to trap magpies, and sifted with my eyes through Mr Collins’ possessions. Or soon to be ex-possessions..and it’s free to download!

Here’s the one that started all the shenanigans, my writers on-line Horror Short Story Winner

…and finishing off with a little interview which very cleverly makes me sound like I know what I’m doing…